Important Steps When Hooking Up Your New Hot Tub

Do you make swim spas? Warm water therapy has proven to be beneficial in healing, relieving and preventing injuries. For many people, it also helps to ease the stresses of everyday life, as well as provide a great environment to reconnect with family and friends. The answers to these questions are dependent on each individual situation, but the bottom line is that a hot tub is actually easy to install. In general, a hot tub can be installed in a few hours by a qualified, knowledgeable delivery crew without any special equipment. One of our network of local dealers will be able to assist you in this process to make sure things go as smooth as possible. To find a local dealer near you, click here. One thing you may want to consider in the placement of your hot tub is the view you will have when sitting in it.

Electrical Hookup Requirements for Hot Tubs

Maybe the candles are lit and the wine is chilled for a quiet, romantic evening in the hot tub with that special someone. Or maybe your body aches from an afternoon gardening or an extra long run and some quality time in the hot tub is just what you need to ease your pain. But as soon as you start to enjoy the soothing warm water and bubbles swirling around you, the power to your hot tub goes out!

Divine Hot Tubs™ Deluxe. SPA MANUAL. trical Hook-Up Requirements11 Elec illing Your Spa13 F. OPSIDE CONTROL – TURNING ON YOUR SPA14 T. opside Control Button Reference Display, 2/3 Pumps14 T. ATER PURITY & FILTRATION16 W. The location of your hot tub is entirely up to you.

Hot Tub Info Central believes that only a licensed electrician should connect a spa or hot tub , its water and your body we’re talking about here! I have found that in all but the warmest climates V is the way to go. This is due to the fact the when a spa is run on V the wattage of the heater in most cases is as much as quadrupled, leading to faster recovery times.

This leads to more heat loss during usage. Typical electrical requirements are but may vary with different equipment – so check with your dealer for specifics: With these systems it is worth noting that the electrical plugs in many houses are for a 15amp outlet and may not be “dedicated” where that are no other outlets or appliances on the line. And thus may require an electrician anyway. Without the usage of proper circuitry you may not only void your equipment warranty you may be causing a fire hazard.

Hot Tub & Swim Spa FAQs

Keep in mind that how spas and hot tubs are plumbed will make a difference in how safe they are and how they perform. The reason they are called “portable” is that they require no external plumbing. In other words they can be filled and drained with a garden hose.

The GE 60 Amp GFI Spa Panel is a metal load center, intended for outdoor use with spas, hot tubs, water heaters and swimming pools. The GFI disconnect provides a convenient low-cost way to satisfy NEC requirements/5(45).

Last week we covered the type of base needed for a hot tub, this week I want to go over what you will need to get your new spa all powered up. We work with a handful of great electricians in the Amesbury and greater North Shore Massachusetts area who do great work and we can match you up with a capable company when you buy your hot tub. Standard Spa Electrical Requirements: Most spas in the industry require the following to run properly.

They generally come with their own pre-wired gfci plug. These types of tubs are only 1 pump usually only 1. In Massachusetts and NH we have a lot of older homes with older electrical setups. Before installation of your new hot tub you should have an electrician check to see if you have a big enough electrical panel to fit a 50amp service.

Proper gauge wire to run to hot tub

GFCI breakers, also known as ground-fault circuit interrupters, reduce the risk of shock by detecting imbalances in electrical currents in hot tubs. If there is a short circuit, the breaker automatically disconnects the power supply to the hot tub , thereby preventing injury and property damage. While many licensed electricians offer hot tub GFCI hook-up services, owners can safely wire their GFCI breakers for a fraction of the cost by following a few simple guidelines.

Then remove the lid from the GFCI box by using both hands to squeeze the sides of the cover, and pull it away from the panel. Place the GFCI breaker a few feet away from the hot tub in a spot where it can easily be accessed, and mount it to a wall, wooden fence, or post with screws. Use a screwdriver to remove the two knockout holes located on the bottom of the GFCI breaker box.

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There are exceptions that require as much as 80, 90, or AMP circuits if the hot tub has multiple heaters, pumps, controls, etc. It is the responsibility of the spa owner to ensure that hot tub electrical connections are made by a licensed electrician in accordance with the National Electrical Code and any local and state electrical codes in force at the time of installation. We offer a free in-home consultation for those in Washington or talk to any of our experts at Most North American hot tub equipment has been manufactured to operate on 60Hz.

Alternating current only, volts are required. It is important to make sure that power is not applied during the hot tub electrical installation. A copper bonding lug has been provided on the electrical equipment pack to allow connection to local ground points.

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Most of the ones I’ve seen require a v 50A breaker, presumably with 6 4-wire. It would be most convenient to run the line for this from my subpanel in my detached garage. I had an electrician put in the subpanel just a year ago so it is up to modern standards; previously it was knob-and-tube!

The hot tub, being 95% a resistive load, is going to draw exactly what it says on the tin. It may draw it for more than 3 hours, so most likely, if they are calling out a 50A breaker, they are drawing A.

Get up to 4 Free Quotes! Zip Code Project Get Started! Surprising to many, hot tub costs are not as high as many assume. Below, I will explain all the costs that come with hot tub installation , hot tub repairs, as well as the costs surrounding the various types and features. The terms hot tub and spa are used interchangeably, though spas are usually considered to be in-ground, permanent units, often installed in conjunction with a swimming pool. Spas will not be addressed below.

Hot Tub Installation Hot tubs are not expensive to install? Keep in mind, this price takes all hot tubs into consideration, including very inexpensive portable versions. On top of all that, high-quality hot tubs can even increase the overall value of your home. Hot Tub Types There are certain hot tubs that provide a more luxurious feel than others. The general rule of thumb is the larger or more complicated the model, the more it costs to install.

As our friends at HomeAdvisor have iterated, there are the standard two-person models with a couple of jets at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Hot Tub Hook Up

Jacuzzi Hot tub electrical requirements January 27, — It’s usually not a problem, since most homes built in the last years have at least a amp service, with A common in newer homes. Panel ratings are normally labeled near the main breaker at the top. Service Panel It’s a common misconception that the sum total of the amps of all the circuit breakers installed must not exceed the service panel’s indicated amp rating.

Most hot tubs come with a drain and hose that you can hook up your drainage system for quick and easy water removal. The bottom line is that you need to hire an experienced contractor that knows about electrical and plumbing, if you plan on installing a hot tub inside of your home!

Electrical Wiring Guide and Information for Hot Tubs and Spas This information serves as a typical Spa or Hot Tub wiring diagram to help inform you about the process and electrical wiring components. This article contains general information and does not focus on, or is it specific to one particular make or model. There may be variations between this information and the specific spa you choose to purchase.

Please take the time to read carefully all the instructions that come with your Hot Tub or Spa which are specific to your Make and Model. When the hot tub or spa is properly installed and maintained, it will provide years of enjoyable, trouble free operation. This information serves as a typical Spa or Hot Tub wiring diagram to help inform you about the process and electrical wiring components.

How to Wire a Spa

Because they are large, electrically complex systems, installing hot tubs can be tricky. Modern hot tubs tend to be self-contained, which means there is no plumbing involved in the setup. Even so, installing a hot tub requires planning and compliance with city codes.

This guide shows how most volt hot tubs and portable home spas are wired, with photos, a step-by-step hook-up movie & hot tub schematic wiring diagrams. This information is provided to help you to be a more informed consumer. We advise hiring a licensed electrician to wire and install a spa.

Contact Hot Tub Parts Canada A V spa for North America is the best choice at 60hz because it provides for a faster warming hot tub which can use a V heater instead of a weaker V heater that will take twice as long to heat. For digital control systems, make sure to be aware of a. Spa Electrical Hooking up spa electrical should be left to a professional electrician. There are several things to consider when hooking up a hot tub from proper wire thickness, adherance to any local codes, installation of an emergency disconnect near the spa, proper wiring of a hot tub gfci, installation of the 50 or 60 amp breaker as required depending on type of spa and the actual running of the wiring underground or in the rafters of the basement etc..

The easiest types of spas are the low spec spas that only have a total amount of amperage less than or equal to the dedicated power socket you can have installed for it. In Europe the spas are not V, but in North America they can be either. Europe uses 50hz equipment in the spa, North America uses 60hz pumps and equipment. If the spa is used outdoors in a winter climate with snow, the V spa system will better keep up with heating demands.

A way to squeeze extra wattage out of a single supply line is to set the spa to not heat while pumps are on high speed or heater switches on.

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Send Hydroquip has over 30 years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of hot tub equipment. Proudly built in the USA, you can trust the name Hydroquip for quality and reliability and count on many years of trouble-free service. Hydroquip Universal Spa Packs are engineered for easy installation and convertible for all voltage configurations.

But in a typical wood frame home, even for ranges,dryers, and hot tubs Romex cable is pulled. Now outdoors, the wiring exposed from the disconnect, usually a GFI breaker located no closer than 5 foot to the tub, Romex is not allowed.

The goal of the project was to heat my hot tub in an economical way. The existing built-in electric heater used almost watts when running and at the new electric rates, keeping the tub up to F made the utility bill very high. I attempted for a while to keep the temperature at a lower setting and turn it up only in anticipation of using the tub. This was unsatisfactory since it makes spontaneous use of the tub impossible and still used expensive electricity for heat.

The idea began when my 21 year old household gas water heater appeared to develop a leak. The leak seemed to grow so I bought and installed a new tank gas water heater. I then had a somewhat viable gas water heater on hand. Why not use it to heat water for the hot tub? The hot tub is located in the back yard lower patio, and the only apparent place for the extra gas water heater would near the gas source next to its replacement in the basement, about 40 feet distant from the tub.

The hot tub has provision for an ozone generator, but this option was never installed. The manifold has several tubes which direct water from the pump to the various jets which shoot water into the tub. My plan was to connect the stubbed ozone tubes to the tank heater in the basement and disconnect the electric heater. The hot tub sits at almost the same level as the base of the water heater.

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Save Using the correct size wire is important when connecting a hot tub. They come in different sizes or gauges, materials and colors that refer to their intended function. Choosing the correct wire for a hot tub ensure a safe, energy efficient usage and increase the lifespan of your equipment. When in doubt, consult a licensed electrician with experience hooking up hot tubs.

Wiring instructions for a 4 wire hot tub system Most newer hot tubs require 4 wires. Typically a 50 or 60 amp GFCI breaker is needed and either #8 or #6 wire. Many older volt GFCI breakers do not include a receptacle for a neutral wire. That type of breaker will not work.

You are now a member of the family of Hydropool Hot Tub owners. Pre-Delivery Instructions Please take the time to read this booklet carefully, as it will provide you with the information you will need to ensure the safe, secure, and timely installation of your new hot tub. The following sections are guidelines on how to prepare for delivery and set-up of your new hot tub. Specifically covered are site selection, delivery access, ground preparation, and electrical requirements.

Hydropool Hot Tubs reserves the right to change features, specifications and design without notification and without incurring any obligation. In most cities and counties, permits will be required for the installation of electrical circuits or the construction of exterior surfaces decks and gazebos. Your Hydropool Hot Tub is equipped with a locking cover and is usually exempt from most barrier requirements.

Hot Tub (Spa) GFCI Disconnect Install